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Firstly, an important point: This is my personal website and blog. The views expressed on these pages are mine alone and not those of my employer. This is doubly true for all the blog posts archived here from my pre-Google days.

In short: Laugh at me if I say something silly and if I say something useful, glad to be of service!

About me

I'm a product manager at Google for a product in ads that hasn't launched yet. Before that I was part of Google search as a Webmaster Trends Analyst.

I've been doing something on the web for more than 15 years. It used to be hobby, building sites and SEO on the side and then as a freelancer. I sold some sites I built, and I shut down many. I really like websites that do things right.

I have a PhD in bacterial genetics from Cambridge University, and my undergrad was also in genetics. As you'd expect, my PhD included a bit of bioinformatics.

Contacting me

The fastest way to get in touch is to email webcontact followed by @ and then pierrefar then a dot (.) then a com.

Please note that I cannot offer personal webmaster support, so please do not email me asking for Google webmaster help.

Me around the web:

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