Announcing Cligs - Short URLs with Analytics and SEO Friendliness

Posted on 15 September 2008 by .

Note: This post was archived from, my previous site I used to blog at and was written before I joined Google.

Note 2: Cligs was acquired by Mr Wong in December 2009.

That's right folks, the short URL market is broken and I'm fixing it. The new service is called Cligs (like Clicks but with a G). It's a short URL service on steroids. The key feature is that it tracks the clicks of the short URLs.

What kind of analytics do you get? At launch right now:

That's just the start. There are a ton of new features that are going to be added in the coming few days and weeks, including some SEO-useful analytics.

And, of course, there is a bookmarklet:

Shorten Link @

So what are you waiting for? Stop using plain-vanilla short URL services and start using Cligs.

Comments and feedback most welcome.