Joining Google

Posted on 09 January 2011 by .

Note: This post was archived from, my previous site I used to blog at.

Tomorrow morning I will start working at Google’s London office as a Webmaster Trends Analyst. SEOs will immediately know what that role is as I will be John Mueller’s team mate. To those that don’t know, it’s the team within Google that interacts with website owners and manages Webmaster Central among other things.

What does this mean for my websites? A few things:

Some Yes questions: So will I start blogging more? Hopefully. Will I be at conferences? Yes, though I don’t know when. I’ll post here and hopefully get to meet more of the people I’ve been talking to over the years.

Some No questions: Will I tell you SEO secrets if you ask me? Of course not! Can you hire me? No! I’m done with the freelance work. Can we exchange links? Nope.

A little disclaimer: This website is still my own and anything written on it is my own personal view/opinion and not my employer. This is not an official Google blog.

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