Leaving Google, starting a new agency

Last Friday, the 9th, was my last day at Google. My next step is to found a digital strategy agency.

Wait, what? Why?

For a while, I've been seeing a growing industry trend of businesses asking for a more holistic aproach to their digital presence. Instead of focusing solely on one aspect, or a handful, like SEO or social or ads, these businesses ask the fundamental questions needed for long-term success:

  • Who are their users? What's the best way to segment the audience?
  • What does each segment want? What common tasks does each segment hope to achieve?
  • Through which channels are the users interacting with the business? Are all these channels working together to help users at every step of their journey?
  • What technologies does the business need to implement now to serve them? What emerging technologies are relevant to the business to give it an advantage in the future?
  • Are the users getting what they want? Are they completing their desired tasks? How do we know? What metrics does the business measure to constantly improve?

Good product managers would be nodding in agreement by now, and that's exactly the point: All businesses would benefit from treating their online presence as one or many digital products that serve users and the business's objectives.

This is where I can help the most, and the best time to do so is right now.

If you're interested to see how I can help you, please get in touch:

Note: By happy timing coincidence, I'm on holiday from now into early November. I'll be a bit slower than usual following up if you email me. Thanks!